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In 1980, Huguette and Réal Richard, auctioneers business, decided to open the first Autodrome
in Lanaudière, is the Autodrome St-Calixte. For over 4 years, a hundred automobile racers
from all over the province occur in front of an adoring public. Every weekend more than a
thousand people show up in the village of St-Calixte. In addition to important economic
contribution, Speedway brings the Lanaudière region enviable visibility. The racing programs vary
over the years. Starting with demolition derbies on clay, which gives more shows as explosives.
They then become the regular programs race on tarmac tour as we know it today.

This is after experiencing troubles association, the Autodrome St-Calixte close in 1985. For over
ten years the land was used for private purposes only. In 1998, the idea of restart race arises
but a survey of the new population turns negative. Newcomers are afraid of trouble that can
cause the reopening race, without thing the obvious econimic contribution that a second life could

In 2005, a new idea emerges, is the construction of a campsite. Approaches start, machinery
sounds, clearing begins, arms working and everything is ready for the semi-official opening in
late summer 2005. The owners Réal and Huguette, both now sixties are proud of the result of
such a big project. 2006 was the opening official, and the comments provided for campers with
tent or RVers are excellent. Everyone touts the site. The natural state of it is unanimous !

The worries of nature is seen and breathes. The desire to preserve beautiful large wooded sites
for all and a wild and special place for tents is essential for management. Not forgetting, of course,
the cleanliness of the place that makes this place one of the most pleasant to the eye.

It was finally in 2011 that Réal and Huguette decide to sell the site. New owners Richard and
Nadine will retain all the benefits that the ancient owners have built, while adding new ideas.

Since then, the improvement is continuous and the priority of the new owners is to take pleasure
to serve and satisfy its customers.

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